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Calling all Early Stage Investigators! You may be eligible to win the 2019 HCSRN Award for Best Abstract from an Early Stage Investigator.

Is the nominee an Early Stage Investigator? If the nominee is within 10 years of completing their terminal research degree or are within 10 years of completing medical residency (or the equivalent) and meets these criteria regarding federal funding for new and early-stage investigators:, the nominee is an Early Stage Investigator.

Is the nominee the primary author on your HCSRN 2019 abstract? If the nominee has submitted an abstract to HSCRN 2019 and is the person primarily responsible for the work represented in the abstract, the nominee is the primary author. 

If the nominee is an Early Stage Investigator AND primary author on an HCSRN 2019 abstract, they qualify for the HCSRN 2019 Early Stage Investigator Award. Continue reading for more information and to submit your nomination.

We want to recognize the best abstract (which could a poster or presentation on a panel) that primarily reflects the work of an Early Stage Investigator. Much of our research is collaborative, so some great presentations are largely a result of the team effort. For the Best ESI Abstract Award, we want to recognize outstanding work by an ESI, rather than outstanding work from the great teams on which an ESI may participate. In some situations, the ESI is clearly the person primarily responsible for the work. In other situations, an ESI has created an innovative add-on to a large, on-going project. To collect information about the early investigator’s “role” if the ESI is not the PI, we are also asking for a statement from the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project underlying the abstract.  If the abstract is not tied to a specific project, please have a senior person in your organization complete the PI form.

Nominations are open until January 25, 2018. Good luck!

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