The CoachArt San Diego Advisory Board is a group of accomplished professionals scaling CoachArt’s tech-enabled arts & athletics programs to serve kids impacted by chronic illness in San Diego.

We're seeking to strategically assemble a group of individuals who can advise the growth of these programs with the right strategies for San Diego and amplify messages to your network on a recurring basis to expand the awareness of CoachArt locally. 

Together we'll set the ambitious goals to: 
- sign up 1,000 San Diego children impacted by chronic illness to receive these free programs
- recruit 1,000 San Diego volunteers with arts/athletics skills
- raise the $7,500 monthly program costs to fund this work 

For any questions regarding the interest form and application, please email:

Patricia Suflita Wilson
Chief Opportunity Officer

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* 1. Name

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* 2. What is your industry/sector?

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* 3. What interests you about joining this Advisory Board? 

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* 4. Please rate your interest (and related expertise) in the following objectives of the CoachArt San Diego Advisory Board

  Nah, not for me I can kick around ideas I'm interested in brainstorming this I can't wait to crack this one
Building awareness of these free programs amongst San Diego families impacted by chronic illness
Building awareness of this volunteer opportunity among interested individuals with an art/athletic background
Strategizing about the most efficient fundraising model for the small monthly program costs 
Connecting with amazing local arts/athletics program opportunities for the kids
Strategizing and recruiting ideal new members of the advisory board

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* 5. In addition to lending your expertise via the LinkedIn group, what is your level of interest in the following additional possible elements of this group? 

  Nah not for me I might be interested I'm very interested 
Video calls with CoachArt team members 
Happy hours/meet-ups with other Advisory Board members 
Invitations to in-person meetings with the other LA and Bay Area CoachArt boards
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