Thank you for participating in R&I. Your input is important.
Greetings from NA World Services! Thanks for taking the time to review the first batch of draft entries developed for the Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project. Your input will help us to polish or revise the 48 entries in this batch and compose 318 more based on the advance material you provide (keep it coming!).

Please visit to learn more about the project. The R&I Cover Memo offers some background information and some alternative means for providing input. Thank you, in advance, for providing your thoughts. Even if you can only make time to read and think about the entries on one principle, we would appreciate it. You can submit your input -- or that of any group of members you might gather -- using this form, the printable form online, or by emailing us at

There are three sections to the Review & Input form:
  • Section 1: Identifying strengths and room for improvement on each principle's entries
    • Unity
    • Acceptance
    • Surrender   
    • Love
  • Section 2: Overall impressions and general feedback 
  • Section 3: Who's participating in R&I?
We're grateful for any and all input you're able to share with us.
There's no need to complete this form in one sitting or to answer every question. Working from the same device or computer, you'll be able to update your responses and finish in your own time -- until you click "done" or the window for R&I closes on 1 September 2019. The demographic questions at the end are the only must-answer questions; feel free to answer or skip any of the rest. If you'd prefer to submit your input in an email, please write to us at

You'll notice that many of the questions that follow ask first for your general impressions about the work, followed by room for you to provide more specifics. We encourage you to utilize these open-ended response fields to provide specific examples to support your ratings and/or to point out any exceptions to your overall take. If you have additional input that doesn't correspond well with our questions, please feel free tell us whatever we need to know in the final question.

For all the latest on the book project, visit From there, you can download this R&I batch, as well as workshop materials. You'll also find links for submitting your writing on spiritual principles online. The workgroup reads everything you send us and weaves together content from multiple members for work that is truly by and for addicts. Your participation in Review and Input and submission of your writing makes this possible.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond by 1 September 2019.
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