What is the Health IT Summit Series?
Produced by Healthcare Informatics, the Health IT Summits are a series of continuing education events throughout North America which promote improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare through information and information technology.
Health IT Summit Series include a variety of innovative guest speakers and keynotes representing diverse sectors across the healthcare provider landscape. Our speaker faculty provides expert advice, practical recommendations and actionable insights that will drive better IT strategies within the healthcare enterprise, and higher quality patient care across the industry.
The Health IT Summit Series are dedicated to providing sessions on the leading edge of technological advancement that present new, industry-changing, impactful strategies.  
The Summit Series covers a broad range of healthcare subjects and topics, a few of our more recent session titles were:
Security & Data Protection: High Tech & High Touch
A Deeper Dive: Understanding the Emerging Hacker Threats
Interoperability in the Post-EHR era
Population Health Strategies to Improve Outcomes and Coordination of Care
Lessons Learned from Population Health Management
Payer-Provider Collaboration on Data: The Leading Edge
Please submit your topic and a brief description of your speaking proposal at the link below. The proposals must be vendor-neutral and educational in nature.
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