* 1. Did you graduate from Booker T (Arts Magnet)?

* 4. Booker T Washington High School would like to update your information in preparation for our 40th anniversary celebration. This will allow us to update you as details become available.

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. Have you received any awards or recognitions since graduating from Booker T?

* 7. Please enter information for any other Booker T. Grads so that we may contact them and let them know about the 40th Anniversary.

* 8. As an Alumna of Booker T. (Arts Magnet), would you be willing to volunteer in any of the following capacities?

* 9. May we contact you in the future about events at Booker T?

* 10. If Booker T offered an online store, would you purchase any of the following items?