Harrow Community Action (HCA) has a formal membership application process. To become a community member this involves completing this form only.

For Associate and full members there is a second, formal stage. This ensures that organisations have fully investigated and committed to consortium membership, and that they are able to meet procurement thresholds. On completion of this form (stage 1) organisations will be assessed and where appropriate be invited to complete stage 2.

* 1. Organisation Name

* 2. Contact name:

* 3. Organisation Address

* 4. Phone Number

* 5. E-mail address

* 6. Website

* 7. What level of membership are you applying for?
Community Member: Must be a constituted not-for-profit organisation which primarily operates in Harrow,
Associate Member: Works with most vulnerable, marginalised & excluded individuals and communities. The group must be well governed, as well as committed to consortium working and be able to provide services to residents of Harrow.
Full Member: Required to be in sound financial health, working towards a quality mark, have a full set of policies and must have the technical capacity to hold, manage and deliver sub-contracts.
For information on membership including the criteria please visit: http://www.harrowca.org.uk/membership/

* 8. What is your legal status? (please tick all that apply)

* 9. Approximately how much of your work is delivered in Harrow / for the benefit of Harrow residents?

* 10. What does your organisation do? (please tick all that apply)

* 11. Who does your organisation help?

* 12. Do you have a track record of working with vulnerable, marginalised and excluded individuals and communities? Please give an example.

* 13. How do you involve your service users or local communities in the planning and monitoring of your services e.g. feedback forms.

* 14. If you are applying for Community / Associate Membership but would like support in becoming an Associate / Full member please indicate the areas you would like support in: