HCA is accepting nominations for the Annual Awards Program, as part of our 42nd Annual Conference on May 6 - 8 in Saratoga Springs. A summary of each award is provided on the next page. Please read the summaries and then select a nominee for any of the five categories by completing the corresponding form. Nominations are due by March 12th. This is a great way to recognize your staff, your agency or an exceptional colleague. Please make your nominations today!  THE DEADLINE FOR ALL NOMINATIONS IS THURSDAY, MARCH 12TH. 

Note: If you prefer to e-mail your nomination instead, please contact Jenny Kerbein at jkerbein@hcanys.org or (518) 810-0659.


Caring Award
This award recognizes an employee (Professional or Para-Professional) or an organization who exemplifies the "spirit of caring" through compassion, skills and service that set them apart from others in the organization or industry.  Nominees for this award "go the extra mile," and are a resource to their organization, others and the community they serve.

Quality and Innovation Award
This award recognizes a home care provider, hospice or MLTC that has implemented a concrete innovative clinical model, workforce supports, or patient/staff education program with demonstrated outcomes.  Supportive data for this award is important but not critical.

Physician Champion
This award recognizes a physician in New York State who has demonstrated a strong and model commitment to home and community-based care.

Advocacy Award
This award recognizes an individual, group of individuals (including but not limited to elected or appointed officials) or an organization who have demonstrated above-and-beyond and/or sustained staunch advocacy to support the home and community-based industry.  Meeting with legislators or policy makers, promoting the home and community-based industry as a whole (rather than agency-specific), or educating the community on home care services are all examples of advocacy related efforts that would be considered for this award category, but at an above-and-beyond, exemplary level.

Ruth F. Wilson Award
HCA's highest honor, this award recognizes an individual whose work has had a dramatic impact on the home and community-based care industry over a sustained period of years, reaching far beyond a single agency, ideally to a statewide level.  The individual is someone recognized and respected as a clear leader – both in deed and in inspiration – to the home and community based field.  

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