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The LIFE programme is organising a side event entitled “The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment” in the framework of the 2017 conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water. The event will take place on 26 September at 2pm.

This event aims to showcase and disseminate a selection of the latest and most replicable solutions developed by LIFE in the field of wastewater treatment. Additionally, the side event will include presentations on the programme’s topics in the water sector for the following years as well a slot on LIFE funding opportunities and future call for projects. The final agenda of the event is already available.
The LIFE event is of interest to:
- Investors and stakeholders in the water sector in search of innovative and marketable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater treatment; and
- Potential applicants to the LIFE call for projects.

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Should you have any question or comment, please contact Mr Carlos de la Paz:

We look forward to seeing you in Porto!

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