Re: Legal Community Survey

Dear Sir or Madam:

At Fremont College, we are looking for ways to continuously improve our ABA approved Paralegal Studies program. But we need your help to make these improvements. Only you can provide us with the details regarding the skills and knowledge needed for our students to not only survive, but to succeed in the workplace. You might make a significant contribution to the lives and successes of our students by taking time to answer the survey enclosed with this letter.

This survey is very important for providing us feedback regarding our program. We use this information to improve our program by modifying and updating course offerings so that our students are being taught the skills they need to become successful practicing paralegals. We take great pride in developing a program that meets the needs of our students, a factor which ultimately meets your needs as legal employers/consumers.

Please take a moment to complete the survey below. We expect it to take no longer than two minutes to complete.

We understand that your time is precious. Thank you for taking a moment to complete our survey. You have helped not only to improve our program, but also to improve our students’ chances for success in the marketplace. You have made a difference!

Very truly yours,

Fremont College