* 1. How often do you read fashion blogs?

* 2. What is your main reason for reading fashion blogs?

* 3. Which type of post would most interest you?

* 4. Have you ever purchased a clothing item or product that you've seen on a fashion blog first?

* 5. Do you gain inspiration for your own outfits and style through reading fashion blogs?

* 6. If you saw a trend emerging on the fashion blogs you read (eg; the bowler hat), would that encourage you to wear this trend?

* 7. Do you think fashion blogs are becoming a more influential way for trends to be shared amongst social groups? Why?

* 8. What are your favorite posts to read on a fashion blog?

* 9. Where do you mainly get your fashion inspiration from?

* 10. Where do you personally think trends originate from in the 21st century?

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