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Every year, a budget is established to provide a foundation for the Township of Hamilton to meet the service and infrastructure needs of residents. 

We strongly believe that it is important to give ratepayers an opportunity to share their ideas for the upcoming 2023 budget. To engage the public in the upcoming budget decision making process, a 2023 Budget Survey has been developed to help obtain YOUR input and to inform Council's decisions on the development of our next budget.

Your input will help make informed decisions to ensure we can continue to provide important programs and services to residents and move forward to a prosperous future.

After the survey data is collected and reviewed, it will be included in a Budget Report which staff and Council will use to better understand where residents’ priorities lay in 2023. The findings will also be posted on our website for the public to view.

Participation in this survey is purely voluntary. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and is open until December 1, 2022.

The Township of Hamilton collects property taxes from property owners and business within the Municipality. These taxes are collected for the Township, Northumberland County and local School Boards. For the Township, these taxes pay for a variety of services used and enjoyed by residents, business owners, stakeholders, and visitors to the municipality.

Services provided by the Township include:
  • Planning, building, legislative and financial services.
  • Road, bridge and drainage infrastructure maintenance
  • Snow removal from roads
  • Public parks, green spaces, trails, and recreational facilities
  • Police services, by-law enforcement and fire / emergency services.
As you can see, the Township is responsible for providing a wide variety of services. The image below has been included to show how each dollar of your property taxes are spent on the Township's portion. In addition, you can visit www.hamiltontownship.ca/budget
to read more about the last year's budget (2022). 

Image of pie chart identifying tax portions per Township service area.

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