I am a researcher at Tohoku University, Japan, called Dr Katsunori Sato.

My research involves Nobel Peace Prize winner and global anti-poverty campaigner, Professor Muhammad Yunus, who is a well-known advocate of the concept of "social business". He argues that capitalism is too narrowly defined and came up with an alternative approach to address extreme poverty in his native Bangladesh, with several "guiding principles" as to what makes a business "social".

I am undertaking some research in Scotland, trying to establish whether Professor Muhammad Yunus's view of "social business" is as relevant to developed economies such as Scotland or Japan as it is to developing countries, such as Bangladesh.

In developed economies like Scotland, of course, there is already a long tradition of "social enterprise."

But nevertheless I am keen to hear your views on whether Professor Yunus's Social Business Principles have relevance to the everyday reality of your experience in Scotland.