1. Planning for our future is important....

The Aberdeen Town Council is beginning the process of creating a strategic plan for our community.  It's important to us that everyone's opinion is heard.  Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated and will assist us as we make plans for the future of our community. Everyone completing the survey will receive a $5.00 Community Card - simply write your name and contact number at the end of the survey.  Your name will not be connected to the survey results.

* 1. Has Aberdeen always been your home community?

* 2. How long has Aberdeen been your home?

* 3. Please identify your age group:

* 4. Are you satisfied with the amenities that are available in your community?

* 5. From your perspective what makes Aberdeen unique?

* 6. People require many things in order to have a truly comfortable life. In terms of accessing those things that you require to feel content; what is the statement that you most agree with?

* 7. Lets say for a moment, that in the near future, your community will not face any major dilemmas, but will also not experience any new good fortune; given this scenerio what would you say are the long term prospects for your community?

* 8. How would you rate your ability to influence the future of your community?

* 9. If the right project came along in your community, would you have skills and/or time you'd like to volunteer?

* 10. From your perspective, how has your community changed the past several years:

* 11. How would you describe the level of mutual trust and respect among community members?

* 12. Do you feel that your community provides adequate networks of support for people during times of stress and need?

* 13. For your current or most recent job, how far do you travel to work each day?

* 14. If you were to continue living in Aberdeen, but were offered a more attractive job outside of your community, which of the following would you consider doing:

* 15. How would you rate the performance of your local municipal government?

  excellent performance satisfactory poor performance
pursuing local opportunities
stewardship of local environment
supporting community initiatives
maintenance of infrastructure
responding to local concerns
management of local resources
provision of services
promoting community progress

* 16. What are the greatest strengths of the community of Aberdeen?
Please mark all that apply:

* 17. Why did you choose to live in Aberdeen?
Mark all that apply.

* 18. What, for you, are the greatest benefits of living in Aberdeen?
Please mark all that apply:

* 19. From the following list please rank the services most important to your quality of life in Aberdeen:

  more important less important not available in my community
Sporting facilities/organizations
Health service
Municipal representation
Shopping/general goods & services
Committees/boards/community improvement groups
Post office
Service/volunteer organizations
Elder care
Entertainment/social life
home maintenance

* 20. Take a moment to think about the future of your community. Based on the following list, what are the most crucial issues threatening that future?
Mark all that apply.

* 21. Please identify your priorities for improvement in your current home community?
Mark all that apply.

* 22. From the following list please select the most essential to the quality of life in your commmunity:

  essential not essential N/A
Skilled trades business
Financial institution
Service clubs/Community groups
Health care
Municipal council
Elder care
Town improvement group
Sporting clubs
Creative outlets/cultural groups

* 23. In your opinion what represents the top 3 greatest areas of opportunity and growth for Aberdeen?

* 24. What would you consider to be the top 3 most pressing environmental concerns facing your community?

* 25. What are some of the ways that you are involved in your community?
Mark all that apply.

* 26. What businesses/services/industries do we not have in this community that you would like to see and would support?

* 27. If you travel to purchase goods or services that are available locally, could you provide reasons why?

* 28. What additional programs or facilities do you believe would be feasible and utilized by children/youth/adults/seniors in the community? Feel free to address any or all of the demographics.

* 29. Again, thank you for completing this survey.  If you would like to receive a $5.00 Community Card simply provide your name and phone number.  Your name will not be connected to your survey results.