Preamble and Background

The City of Beaumont is developing a Social Master Plan and we need your help! What is a Social Master Plan (SMP) ? It is a key document that local governments can develop and implement to support the social well-being for all residents in a community.

The City of Beaumont and Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) have recognized that the health, well-being and quality of life of Beaumont residents is of utmost importance. Through this survey, we are engaging with community members around what the development of a Social Master Plan for the City of Beaumont should include and address.

This SMP will be based on Canada’s Social Determinants of Health as a framework. The eight health domains that the plan will focus on are:

1)      Income and Social Status (e.g. income security, poverty reduction, food security)

2)      Employment and Working Conditions (e.g. community economic development)

3)      Education and Literacy (e.g. lifelong educational opportunities)

4)      Child and Youth Experiences (e.g. childcare, youth services)

5)      Physical Environments (e.g. transportation, affordable housing, safety, aging in place)

6)      Social Supports and Healthy Behaviours (e.g. diversity, inclusion, community connectedness)

7)      Access to Health Services (e.g. mental health and addictions supports, access to a family doctor)

8)      Culture (e.g. arts and culture, recreation, civic engagement)

While it is recognized that many of the above domains are fulfilled by other community organizations or other levels of government, FCSS sees value in serving as a steward in identifying the community’s broader quality of life aspirations and working with community partners to achieve these goals over the long term, as well as to advocate to higher levels of government for these goals.

We are interested in hearing your perspectives and input around some of these domain areas – where some of Beaumont’s strengths lie, and where there may be some gaps. We are hoping you have 5-10 minutes to complete this survey so that we may be able to shape a SMP that addresses Beaumont residents’ desires, visions and concerns for the community.

Thank You!

Question Title

* 1. What is your age range?

Question Title

* 2. Which of the following options best describes your family composition?

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* 3. Which of the following options best describes your current housing situation?

Question Title

* 4. Based on the eight domains listed at the beginning of this survey, which statement below most accurately depicts your current quality of life?

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* 5. From the following list, please select all of the areas where you are having positive experiences/there is fulfillment in your/your families’ lives (select all that apply):

Question Title

* 6. From this list, please select all of the areas where you are having negative experiences/there are gaps in these areas for you and/or your family (select all that apply): 

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* 7. Of the list of areas from the last two questions, what are the top three areas that you/your family is struggling with or worried about?

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* 8. a) If you had the opportunity to raise one issue or topic mentioned in this survey with a key government decision maker, what would you bring to his/her attention?

b)What are some suggestions you would bring as a solution to the issue or challenge?