Torrence Preschool 2017-2018 Forecast 

We are in the process of obtaining a count for the 2017-2018 preschool students within Keokuk Community School District. In doing so, we are asking for your assistance in compiling this list by providing us with any upcoming 4-year-old children that are in your family or neighborhood. To attend our 1/2 day free Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program, students must be 4-years-old by September 15, 2017. 
Please list any potential 2017-2018 preschool students! Thank you for your assistance! 
*Torrence Preschool Roundup will be Wednesday, March 1st & Friday, May 19th. Please call George Washington at 319-524-1953 to schedule your appointment. 

* 1. Preschool Child's Name (4-year-old child by Sept. 15, 207):

* 2. What is your child's gender?

* 3. When is your child's birthday? 

* 4. What is your street address?

* 5. Parent(s) Name(s):

* 6. Phone Number(s): 

* 7. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?