* 1. What is your position:

* 2. Were you a First Time Attendee?

* 3. What new policy areas are important to you?

* 4. Are you likely to come to another ERC meeting?

* 5. What is the major reason you attend ERC meetings:

* 6. What about this ERC meeting was of most value to you?

Low Value to High Value

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Plenary Sessions
Policy Committee Meetings
Skill Building Workshops
Presenting or Facilitating Workshop Sessions

* 7. If you are required to get leadership approval to attend, what information or support is needed to get approval?

* 8. Have you used information from ERC meetings to introduce or alter legislation?

* 9. Would you be interested in being interviewed by ERC staff for our publications?

* 10. Are spouse and jr. delegate programs important for you to attend meetings?

* 11. What did you like MOST about the event?

* 12. What did you like LEAST about the event?

* 13. What are your policy interest areas?

* 14. Please rate the quality of the following:
Low Value to High Value

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Conference Location - Bally's Hotel
Bally's Staff
Bally's Hotel Rooms
Bally's Meeting Rooms

* 15. How did you Register for the meeting?

* 16. When you arrived :

  Yes No
Were signs clearly marking the Registration Area?
Were your Registration materials available?
Were your Registration materials correct?
Were staff able to answer your questions easily and quickly?

* 17. Additional comments?