Parent Meeting Survey

Please complete the survey below by marking your answers.  Please comment if you need to do so where indicated.  

* 1. The parent workshop was informative.

* 2. The workshop provided me with new information regarding services/options available to me as a parent/guardian.

* 3. The presenter was knowledgeable about the information that was presented.

* 4. The presenter gave the opportunity for participation/input.

* 5. Please share any thoughts, questions, or concerns as it relates to the presentation.

* 6. Which meeting did you attend?

* 7. How did you attend the meeting?

* 8. Please indicate your preference for future presentations, meetings, or workshop topics.

* 9. Please indicate your preference for the TIME of future parent meetings.

* 10. During  the Parent & Family Engagement Open House Parent Meeting, we discussed the importance of parental  feedback on how the 1% set aside for parent & family engagement should be spent. Funds can be spent to help increase capacity for parents to attend meetings, such as childcare for parent meetings, an interpreter, or special parent workshops. How do you think those funds should be spent? Please be specific.