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* 1. Which learning center does your student attend?

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* 2. Please respond to the questions below about your experience with OFL.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I feel welcomed when I come to OFL.
I am satisfied with the response I get when I contact my student's teacher with questions or concerns.
OFL keeps me informed about my student's academic progress.
I am aware of the OFL programs and extra curricular activities offered to my student.
OFL has high expectations for my student.
My student is learning what he or she needs to know to succeed in later grades or after graduation from high school.
My student is safe at school.
My student attends a clean school
Discipline is enforced fairly at OFL.
OFL staff is respectful towards the students.
I am satisfied with the quality of instruction provided by my student's teacher.
I understand what the monthly credit requirements are.
I understand what the school's truancy policy is.
I know how to get in contact with school administration.
I feel that the curriculum is appropriate for my student.
I am pleased with the way that I receive information about my student's progress.