Values and Preferences Survey Among People Living With Hepatitis B to inform WHO

Welcome to the values and preferences survey. 

You are being invited to participate in an online survey about different ways to simplify delivery of care and treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infection, including ways to make hepatitis B diagnosis, treatment and management more accessible. This survey is being conducted to understand preferences of people living with hepatitis B. Results from this survey will be used to inform forthcoming World Health Organization’s (WHO) guideline recommendations on hepatitis B service delivery. 

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. The first part covers questions about your own experience with testing and treatment for hepatitis B; the second part addresses your preferences for the different ways of delivering hepatitis B services. The survey is completely confidential, and no one will know that you have participated in the survey, and we will not be asking for any identifying information such as your name, address, or the organisation you work for. We very much appreciate your time in completing this important survey.