* 1. Answer on the following questions

* 2. What is your health and lifestyle profile?

  Yes No
Healthy minded
Sportive minded
Love for cooking
Unhealthy but in need for change

* 3. What fits the best with you ?

  fits not at all fits slightly fits fits fairly fits very good
I know that the best trips are the ones where I have done my homework.
I make myself at home wherever I go, where the wind takes me.
I am the fastest, I like frequently short-time traveling
I am always looking to venture into the undiscovered. I am a learner. And what better way to educate myself than to experience things first-hand?
I like to be able to take my time at a historic site or in a museum and not feel rushed.
I am an athlete, because I like doing sport on a holiday.
I love to see it all. I have got a bucket list, and I am working my way through it!
I understand vacation: it's a chance to take a break and reflect, take it easy. I just want to relax and not have to deal with any worries or obligations.
I feel safer if a tour operator has organized the hotel, the restaurants to eat at and the sites to visit
I like to be able to impress my friends with all of the 5 star hotels and resorts I have been to.
The part that makes me most uncomfortable about travelling is having to adjust to unfamiliar locations, foods, people, languages and a different way of doing things.
I have everything I need at home; there’s no reason to spend money to travel.
I avoid taking uncomfortable rides such as packed local buses. If it means missing something we wanted to visit, so be it.
I find it enriching to be exposed to others engaging in their customs, routines and rituals in their own environment to me, that is the authentic travel experience.
I live for travel.

* 4. What type of promotion would you like when booking a holiday? (1= most liked and 6 = less liked)

  1 2 3 4 5 6
A 2% reduction on the trip you book.
A coupon of €20 to buy travel gear.
A free dinner in a restaurant on your trip.
A free massage on your trip.
An extra free activity during your trip.
A vegetarian cooking book.

* 5. What type of activities do you like?

  not liked slightly liked liked fairly liked mostly liked
Yoga class
Visiting historical heritage
Cooking workshops with local cooks
Art class
Walking in the Nature
Language course

* 6. Would you like to go on holiday outside Europe?
Why ?

* 7. Answer on the following questions

* 8. When do you go on holiday ?

* 9. Pick the 3 most important reasons why you travel ?

* 10. What type of gift would you like if we would reward you for filling in this survey ?