What is a Creative Arts Inventory? A Creative Arts Inventory, as its name suggest, is a comprehensive (an updatable) list of a community’s creative resources.

What will a Creative Arts Inventory do for Estes Park? Such an inventory will tell us WHO is doing WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, providing an accurate current and updatable picture of our existing creative assets. Such assets that can be used by community leaders, arts organizations, and individual artists to help achieve the following goals:

** Enhance Estes Park’s image and reputation as a creative community for guests and residents alike.

** Enhance our physical appearance and quality of life by encouraging additional public expression and representation of the creative arts.

** Complete the first step toward formal Town recognition of a Creative Arts District, which would enhance the visibility of our local arts organizations and businesses.

** Help to ensure a unified arts calendar for all of Estes Park’s arts groups and arts activities that can be easily accessed by both residents and guests.

** Expand collaborative partnership opportunities for individual artists and arts groups.

Who is eligible to become part of the inventory? The creative arts, broadly defined, extend far beyond traditional arts categories. Examples of arts and culture in our community include: the Visual Arts (two-dimensional art); Sculpture (three-dimensional art); Music; Written Literature (both fiction and non-fiction); Dance; Retailers (those who sell various kinds of art or crafts, as well as art supplies); Art Galleries; Games & Sports; Culinary Arts; the Occupational Arts (such as architecture, advertising, graphic design, software development); Celebrations and Events (area events that include arts and cultural activities); Spaces for Events and Exhibits (such as restaurants, music venues, the Stanley Fairgrounds).

Estes Park has a strong arts community whose rich history and traditions reach back beyond our early days as a town to the talents and achievements of many of our pioneer settlers. Over the years, this community has, of course, grown and changed. Today, however, our arts community—who we are and what we do—is like a glacier much of whose size and composition remains hidden and goes unnoticed and underappreciated. It is time to thaw that glacier and make clear the collective talents and strengths of our many artists in ways that enhance not only the artistic community of Estes Park but the quality of life of the community at large.

The completion of a Creative Arts Inventory marks the necessary fist step. Please give us a hand.