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This survey is being sent to you as an important tool to help understand the economic situation of writers in the province now and in the future. The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild (SWG) would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete it.

We ask that you pass it on to other writers you know who are not members of the SWG. This will give us a broader perspective and we thank you in advance for helping in this way. If you prefer that we contact them directly, please provide contact information and we will be happy to do that.
Your participation is voluntary and appreciated and will be kept confidential. If you have any questions call the SWG at 306-791-7740 or email:

NOTE: We apologize for any repeat or cross postings on this survey. We are resending it because we have experienced some connectivity issues related to the new spam legislation and technical problems, and did not get the response base we need. We have also added information and made the form easier to complete. If you have previously received this survey and have filled it out and returned it – please disregard this message. If not, thank you in advance for helping with this important project.

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* 3. Do you believe gender is a factor related to economic outcomes?

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