Proposed Rule

The Idaho State Department of Education (Department) is taking public comment on proposed rule docket no. 08-0203-1703, regarding revisions to the Idaho Extended Content Standards.  All comments received by the Department by October 25, 2017, will be published on the Department's website. You can view the proposed changes to the Idaho Extended Content Standards at at Proposed Rules - Idaho Content Standards - Extended. 
DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY: The following is a statement in nontechnical language of the substance and purpose of the intended negotiated rulemaking and the principle issues involved:

This proposed rulemaking provides for the amendment of the Idaho Extended Content Standards, incorporated by reference into IDAPA, and adds a new incorporated document to IDAPA, Idaho Content Standards Core Content Connectors. The Idaho Extended Content Standards, which are the standards aligned with the alternate assessment, were adopted in 2008 and are currently not aligned with the Idaho Content standards adopted in 2010 and updated in 2017. This proposed rule will replace the English Language Arts (ELA) and Math extended standards with the Idaho Content Standards Core Content Connectors (Connectors), which identify the most salient core academic content in English Language Arts and Mathematics found in the Idaho Content Standards. The Connectors identify priorities for the instruction of students identified as having significant cognitive disabilities and align with the alternate assessment. They illustrate the necessary knowledge and skills students with significant cognitive disabilities need to reach the learning targets or critical big ideas within the state standard. The Connectors are written to help promote how students with significant cognitive disabilities can engage in the Idaho Content Standards while following the learning progression. They have the following characteristics:
·         Sequenced to help guide meaningful instruction for students with significant cognitive disabilities and lead to enduring skills in successive grades;
·         Written as outcome based, which provides a description of what students should know and do;
·         Written with high level of expectations for students with significant cognitive disabilities; and
·         Align to grade-level standards to provide access to the general curriculum.
Connectors are designed to contribute to a fully aligned system of content, instruction, and assessment.

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