Through this survey we hope that staff, parents, community members and students will be able contribute their ideas as to potential actions that can be taken to reduce expenses. This survey will focus on operations, so any suggestions regarding personnel are not needed. The survey responses have been grouped into several sections.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

* 1. Please select the one that best describes your role in taking this survey.

* 2. Electrically Powered Devices: Are there ways we can conserve energy in changing our current electrical device habits? This includes classroom and school devices such as computers, copiers, televisions, projectors, microwaves, coffee makers etc.

* 3. Travel and Transportation: Are there ways we can conserve by rethinking our current travel and transportation practices? This includes deliveries, travel and general transportation within and outside of the district.

* 4. Facilities: Are there additional ways we can conserve within our facilities? This includes utilities such as heat , water, electricity, maintenance and general operating costs to keep a building open.

* 5. Programs: Are there ways we can conserve or change the way a program is delivered? This includes classes, program components, clubs, activities, sports teams, etc.

* 6. Other Areas: