Come spend a day with Imam Magid & Salma Abugideiri, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), learning the tools needed to help build/keep a successful marriage. Whether you've been married two days or too long, we can always work towards improving our relationships.

Qurtuba Institute invites you to join a Couples Day on October 29, 2011 inshAllah. This one-day, interactive program will include short talks and fun/dynamic activities with your spouse. Disclaimer: there will be no group therapy or any therapy for that matter.

This day is designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship. Food and babysitting will also be available.

To help us facilitate the best program for you and your spouse, please answer a few questions below. All answers and submissions are ANONYMOUS. Thank you!

* 1. How useful would this event be to you and/or your spouse?

* 2. How likely would you be to attend a Couples Day hosted by Imam Magid and Sr. Salma?

* 3. If you are not likely to attend, why not?

* 4. If you are likely to attend, would you pay a nominal fee to help offset costs for the event?

* 5. What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at this event?

* 6. Are there any questions you would like to be addressed at this event?