Air Comfort Heating and Cooling - Gift of Comfort Nomination Form 2023-2024

Thank you for your nomination.

Please fill out the form below to nominate someone in the Columbus or Fremont, Nebraska area you believe should receive a 100% FREE heating system OR clean air purification system with duct cleaning. We strongly believe in privacy! All nominations will be kept private and no information will be used or sold.
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What is your first and last name?
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Thank you for your entry! If your nominee is chosen, we will reach out to them directly. If we are unable to reach them, we will reach out to you to help get in contact. All information shared within this form will not be used or sold in any way. There will not be any mention of who won or why they won. All equipment and installation for the 2022-2023 Gift of Comfort are 100% covered by Air Comfort. No purchase is necessary. 

Please call 800-437-3840 or email if you have any questions.