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Tell It like It Is

The survey is a collaboration with '550 Reasons to Smile' and the National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc.

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* 1. The coronavirus supplement commenced at $550, reduced to $250 in September and is now $150 a fortnight (until March 2021).  Please describe the lived impact of cuts to the supplement. It can be a sentence, a statement or several paragraphs. 

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* 2. The information that you provide will be part of our public advocacy. It could be used in reports, letters, publications, the media, human rights challenges, social media and or the parliament setting. The advocacy could be NCSMC or part of a wider collaboration. If you wish to speak to the media and be part of our advocacy, please provide an email address (and copy and paste your statement), so we can match your statement and email.  The National Council of Single Mothers & their Children would contact you before connecting you to a journalist, as we understand a change of mind, and there is never any pressure.

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* 3. We know that you are busy, and the cuts are hurting. We thank you for your time and if  you want to make another comment please do.

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