Participation Pledge

Commitment to Excellence is a HANYS initiative designed to showcase your organization's significant and ongoing commitment to quality and patient safety. By pledging to join C2X, you are reinforcing your organization's dedication to achieving and maintaining these goals. HANYS will support participating C2X organizations by providing educational programs, information on best practices and technical support programs to assist your organization in the achievement of excellence.

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* 2. My organization agrees to:
  • have an annual quality improvement plan with board and/or senior leadership oversight;
  • actively use evidence-based best practices for quality and patient safety;
  • routinely analyze data and outcomes to improve performance;
  • submit at least one success story to HANYS for public distribution;
  • participate in at least two HANYS education programs per year; and
  • have our organization's name published on HANYS' website as a participant of C2X.

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* 3. CEO Attestation

I declare that these statements are true to the best of my knowledge.

DISCLAIMERS: Your organization's decision to participate in HANYS Commitment to Excellence is voluntary. HANYS is not seeking or providing a guarantee that excellence in quality of care or patient safety will be achieved based on formal standards.