All-Options' Hoosier Abortion Fund Client Feedback Survey

As someone who has used the All-Options' Hoosier Abortion Fund’s services, your thoughts and experiences are very important to us. Your honest responses in this survey will help improve our services to support people in all their decisions and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption.

This survey is ANONYMOUS, unless you provide your contact info in the last question, in which case it will be kept completely confidential. Responses will be compiled and may be quoted anonymously, but never in a way that could identify individual people. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact Shelly Dodson, Center Director at or 812-558-0089.

Thanks again for your participation in this survey!

* 1. Was this your first time calling the Hoosier Abortion Fund?

* 2. If you've called the Hoosier Abortion Fund before, did you receive funding for your previous abortion?

* 3. How did you hear about the Hoosier Abortion Fund? (select more than one option if applicable):

* 4. If you have called the Hoosier Abortion Fund more than once, please answer all of the following questions thinking about your most recent call.

When you called, who were you seeking support for? (select more than one answer if applicable):

* 5. Please tell us how you would rank your overall experience interacting with the Hoosier Abortion Fund.

* 6. Please tell us how you would rank your overall experience at the clinic where you received your abortion:

* 7. Please tell us how you would rank other aspects of your call to the Hoosier Abortion Fund:

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Quality of information, resources, or referrals given to you
Staff/Volunteer Helpfulness
Staff/Volunteer ability to be open and non-judgmental
Staff/Volunteer friendliness
Amount of money pledged for abortion services

* 8. Please tell us more about your experience calling the Hoosier Abortion Fund. What was helpful to you?

* 9. When you think about your interaction with the Hoosier Abortion Fund, what could have been improved?

* 10. There are many barriers to accessing abortion care in the state of Indiana. Many of these exist because the state legislature has voted on and passed legislation to restrict the accessibility of abortion (for more information, visit We recognize the complexity of your abortion experience and the challenges you may have faced trying to access essential basic health care and believe that you should not have to contend with all of these barriers to care. The following questions will help us get a better sense of the challenges you had to overcome in order to access abortion care.

How much money did you have to come up with for your abortion?

* 11. How did you come up with that money? (choose all that apply)

* 12. How far did you have to travel each way to have your abortion?

* 13. Did you have to make multiple trips to the clinic to get your abortion?

* 14. Did you have your abortion in Indiana?

* 15. Did you have to make special arrangements for childcare (or anyone else who is in your care) to have your abortion?

* 16. Did you have to miss or take time off work to go to your appointment(s)? If so, how much time did you miss?

* 17. Was accessing abortion care easier or harder than you expected?

* 18. Did you know about the following Indiana abortion restrictions before you had your abortion?

  Yes No N/A
18 hour waiting period
Insurance coverage bans
Gestational limits
Parental consent or judicial bypass for minors
State-mandated consent forms

* 19. How supported did you feel in your decision to have an abortion?

* 20. Did you call the All-Options Talkline before or after your abortion to talk to someone?

* 21. We recognize that many issues and factors may impact a person's experience with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and/or adoption. For you, which of the following have been a source of SUPPORT or HELP?

* 22. For you, which of the following have been a source of DISTRESS or PROBLEM?

* 23. In a perfect world, what might have helped or provided more support for you in your situation or decision?

* 24. Did you learn anything new or surprising about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, or adoption during your experience with us?

* 25. Would you refer others to us?

* 26. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience?