1. Which part of sewing frustrates you the most?

2. Which step of the sewing process/technique can make you avoid your project for days?

3. If you could have an elf come and do one sewing technique or step of the process for you forever and ever - which step or technique would you let the elf have?

4. Which sewing step or technique do you enjoy the most?

5. Which blog or website do you enjoy reading the most? (please include URL if you can)

6. When you read magazines, blogs, websites or newletters - which topic(s) or headline always makes you read on?

7. Which topic or technique, regaring sewing or fashion, would you like to learn more about?

8. If you were able to get me to make you a personal perfectly fitted pattern of your own design and requirements. What garment would you choose?

9. If I were to advise you or teach sewing to you for 2 hours. Which questions would you ask me? /what techniques would you like me to teach you?