Welcome to GFCA's Survey

In 2007, Great Falls Citizens Association (GFCA) surveyed residents to better understand their ideal picture of the Great Falls Community in 2020, including what they valued and wanted to preserve as well as those things that might have the greatest potential of impacting this “vision” and their quality of life. As GFCA celebrates its 50th anniversary year, it is important to not only look back on how Great Falls has changed but also think about, and plan for, the future. As such, we are reaching out to members via this survey to find out what they feel are the most important issues currently confronting Great Falls so that we might better direct our efforts in advocating with county and state officials and our elected representatives. We appreciate your taking time to provide your input.


Over the past twelve years, GFCA volunteers have advocated for its members on environmental, land use and zoning, and transportation-related issues ranging from the cleanup of MTBE contaminants at the old Exxon Station in the village and the protection of our well water to preventing a two lane left turn off Route 7 onto Georgetown Pike at Seneca Road and the widening of Route 7. We have also worked to ensure that recent commercial and residential developments, including the new TD Bank, the SunTrust Bank project (now withdrawn), the CVS at Seneca Road, and the Rivermont subdivision (the former site of Brooks/Haydown Farm), do not adversely affect our environment and local roads, and that buildings in the business districts are architecturally compatible with existing structures.

Currently, GFCA is interfacing with our elected representatives and others on numerous issues, including:
  • stormwater management
  • the Route 7 Corridor Improvements project
  • traffic backups stemming from the entrance to Great Falls Park
  • the possible transition of [Great Falls] Grange management to the community
  • a proposed 62-unit assisted living and memory care facility on Walker Road
  • the Toll Brothers residential subdivision on Towlston Road at Route 7.
We encourage you to join GFCA in advocating for our community to ensure that what we value remains and what is envisioned is achieved.
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