Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It is an important aspect of our anti-racism, anti oppression (ARAO) review and planning for Neighborhood Legal Services (NLS).

Your participation and feedback are important. Your input is confidential and anonymous and will not be shared.  If you have any questions about this survey or wish to speak confidentially about the content, please contact Nene Kwasi Kafele by email at adinkra77@gmail.com.

Please complete by December 18th,2020.  Thanks a lot!
Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression: A Summary

When certain groups are silenced or treated unfairly in our society, this is called oppression. When this happens specifically to African Canadians this is called anti Black racism. These unfair and harmful behaviours and ways that some groups and agencies practice, are often based on things like people’s religion, race, who they choose to love, how much money they make, how they speak English and how they identify their gender.
We know that each person is unique and should be respected for their identity. Someone’s Identity has many parts to it.

Your identity can include their race, gender, who they choose to love, religion or how much money they make. Anti-oppression makes sure that all parts of someone's identity are respected.

Communities that are treated unfairly are not the problem. Our society often creates problems for them. Communities are strong and creative and have different ways of building and growing.

We want to hear from all parts of NLS so we can develop a strong plan to support the clinic.

A strong plan can help the clinic to support all clients and service users, staff, students and volunteers well and respect their differences through the work of the clinic.

Hearing from all parts of the organization will be helpful to building a strong AR/AO plan for NLS.

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* 1. I currently use services in the following areas:

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* 2. In terms of how I self-identify, I:

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* 3. Please indicate your level of agreement for support you receive from the clinic

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Not Sure Strongly Agree Agree Prefer not to answer
I am clear about NLS’s commitment to treating everyone with respect
 I feel that the clinic respects who I am, and my identity and experience are considered in how they support me
I feel that NLS effectively addresses issues like culture, racism, anti Black racism, homophobia, etc. in its services nd programs
I receive good legal support from NLS and they respect my identity
I feel like NLS' staff respect who I am as an individual- my cultural, racial and social identity
I feel safe and supported in utilizing the services and programs of NLS
I am confident that if I have any complaints related to discrimination at the clinic, they would be dealt with appropriately

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* 4.  My Satisfaction with NLS

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Not Sure Strongly Agree Agree Prefer Not to Answer
I have not experienced any barriers or problems in receiving good services from NLS
As far as I can tell, legal services and supports at NLS fully consider cultural, language, racial or sexual orientation needs.
The clinic’s staff treats service users fairly and respectfully from y experience with them
I am satisfied with the overall services I receive from NLS

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* 5. Please feel free to share any final thoughts or recommendations on any related AR/AO issue you might have regarding the clinic