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* 1. What is your name, your title, and the company that you're affiliated with?

* 2. What do you sell and who are your target customers - your niche (be specific)?

* 3. What region are you located in - what is your assigned sales territory?

* 4. What is business mailing address and website address?

* 5. What is your business phone number and the best time to call you?

* 6. What is your business email address?

* 7. What other professionals live in your "networking neighborhood?" Example, architects, real estate brokers, real estate attorney, and property and casualty insurance agents live in the same networking neighborhood.

* 8. What qualities best describe you as a business professional. Also, what is your motto, slogan, or tagline?

* 9. What are your hobbies and interests?

* 10. What products and services are you looking to buy within the next 90 days?