1. Drug Store Project 2018

100% of survey complete.

The Drug Store Project is a special event for 6th grade students. We would like to measure how much our students learn from our event which will be held on April 3, 2018. Your answers are confidential so it is very important that you answer to the best of your ability. You will also take a survey following the event. Together it will help us to improve the program that we provide for the most important people in Tahoe; you!

* 1. The term Gateway Drugs refer to which drugs specifically?

* 2. The earlier in life that a person experiments with alcohol and/or drugs, the more likely they are to become addicted to them.

* 3. How do you feel about someone your age using marijuana

* 4. At what age must you be to legally purchase and use

  16 18 19 20 21 Don't know

* 5. Drinking a lot of alcohol over time OR drinking too much on a single occasion can do damage to

  Agree Disagree Do not know
The heart-irregular heart beat
The liver-liver cancer
The brain-change mood or behavior

* 6. During the past 6 months, have you talked with at least one of your parents or guardians about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol or other drug use?

* 7. Getting involved in drugs during my adolescensce may:

* 8. Does marijuana affect

  Yes it does No it does not
Your brain; A distorted sense of time, Random thinking, Paranoia, Anxiety, Depression, and Short-term forgetfulness.
Your lungs: ongoing cough, more chest colds and lung infections.

Your heart; can increase your heart rate by double.

* 9. Why do some people become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol?

* 10. Please tell us if you agree or disagree with the following statements

  Agree Disagree
Tobacco products are depressants; calm you down.
Smoking is legal at age 16.
Smoking helps a person lose weight.
Smoking helps you get friends