* 1. How familiar are you with 'Adventure Playgrounds'?

* 2. Adventure Playgrounds differ from traditional playgrounds by furnishing children with 'loose parts' as opposed to fixed structures. Children are free to build and create with these 'play components' as they see fit. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in for your child?

* 3. Determined largely by the nature of the materials used, Adventure Playgrounds can take a wide variety of forms. Please indicate those materials you'd be comfortable allowing your child to play with.

* 4. There are 1000+ Adventure Playgrounds throughout Europe and only 5 in the US. How much bearing does this have on your interest in an Adventure Playground on Bainbridge?

* 5. Adventure Playgrounds provide children with a place to call their own by allowing them to build according to their imagination. This process cultivates a wide variety of benefits including problem solving, skill building, risk assessing, social skills and time and space for quiet reflection. 
Does this sound like something you'd be interested in for your child?

* 6. Full-fledged Adventure Playgrounds employ 'play workers' who act as lifeguards and are specially trained in risk assessment and mediation. Such playgrounds often allow children to play with fire... under the watchful eye of play workers. Please indicate your comfort level with such a scenario.

* 7. The presence of play workers fosters independence in children while also creating an opportunity for parents to do their own thing. Please indicate your willingness to drop your kids off at a supervised Adventure Playground. 

* 8. Would you be surprised to learn that, statistically, the early indications are that Adventure Playgrounds report fewer accidents than traditional fixed-structure playgrounds*?

* 9. Would you be willing to pay a monthly membership fee for access to an Adventure Playground staffed with trained play workers? 

* 10. If you are interested in creating an Adventure Playground please indicate the age(s) of your children.
Thank you for your time and your feedback!