Strategic Planning Task Force Survey for Current Graduate Students

Dear Current Graduate School Student:

Recently, The College of New Rochelle has celebrated, once again, the affirmation of its mission, academic programs, and financial health through its accreditation body Middle States. In response to this positive confirmation, President Judith Huntington has invited college community members to develop the Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF).

The Strategic Planning Task Force, through its working groups, is charged to gather input from our most significant and vital internal and external stakeholders. This collaborative and inclusive one-year undertaking will allow the SPTF, in an inclusive way, to gather the data necessary to assess and define trends within academia in a global sense. This will lead to a more accurate and robust vision and goals for the future of The College of New Rochelle.

As members of this Strategic Planning Task Force, we would like to ask you to complete this short five question survey about The College of New Rochelle. Your feedback is vital to the success of this very important initiative.

We appreciate your time and participation in this process.

Andy Baker and Wendi Vescio