2017 OAGS Exhibitor Survey

Thank you for exhibiting at our 23rd OAGS Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Hilton Toronto Hotel recently. We would very much appreciate your feedback to make necessary improvements for future meetings and exhibiting experiences. Be sure to click the "DONE" button at the end to submit the form; clicking "Exit This Survey" or Enter could lose your data.
Thank you for your time and hope to have you join us again next year. - OAGS

* 1. Name and company (optional).

* 2. What type of booth did you have?

* 3. How often has your company (or you) exhibited at this event?

* 4. Please rate your experience :

  Outstanding Above Average Average Below Average Poor N/A
Overall exhibiting experience
Ease of Initial Contract Registration,  Terms/Conditions
Exhibitor Check-In /Registration Materials/Process (day of event)
Foot Traffic
Exhibit Level Opportunities
Exhibit Space
Exhibiting hours
Delivery/Shipping experience
Set-up experience
Tear-down experience
Event venue
Layout of exhibit area
Meal Functions
Security/Storage of materials (before/after)
Access to Power (arranged in advance due to request only)
Access to Wireless
Quantity of Attendees
Target Audience
Number of contacts made
Cost of exhibitor booth
Sessions and Topics

* 5. Which aspect(s) of the meeting did you enjoy the most?

* 6. Which aspect(s) of the meeting did you enjoy the least?

* 7. How did you learn about our event? (choose all that apply)

* 8. How would you rate company/sponsor attribution and promotion according to exhibitor categories (i.e. foyer banner, program, plenary slides, website, etc...)?

* 9. Do you think the current exhibitor fees are fair for this meeting?

* 10. How would you rate communications from the OAGS?

* 11. How would you rate the photo of appreciation at your booth with our AGM Committee Members (see online gallery)?

* 12. How valuable is this annual event to your company?

* 13. How likely are you or your company to exhibit at this event next year in 2018 (Nov.3)?

* 14. May we use your comments when promoting future exhibiting opportunties?