This form is designed for companies to compile and share information about their initiative / program easily, efficiently and in a similar level of detail as the other submissions, to enable a consistent review process by the HBA independent judging panel. 
The five criteria the judges use to assess all submissions: 
  • Business performance 
  • Execution
  • Stewardship
  • Sustainability
  • Measurable results 
Importantly, the judges are looking for validation (in the measurable results section) that your initiative/program achieved the intended outcomes and impacts, so please ensure you provide as much qualitative and quantitative data as possible. These submissions are held as confidential documents and viewed only by limited critical staff and the independent judging panel who delete the submission after their review. 
You may save your work as you go and return using the same browser to make changes until you hit the final submit button. 
Submissions will be accepted until 30 June.

The award submission fee is $1,000 payable once your submission is received. Discounts may apply for corporate partners, start-up/small businesses, and nonprofits. For an additional fee, companies may opt for a consultative debrief with the HBA CEO and a member from the judging panel once the judging process has been completed. 

If you have questions, please contact ACE@HBAnet.org.
Thank you for your contribution to advancing gender parity! 
The HBA 2021 ACE Award Team 
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