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The Friends of Wakulla Springs (FOWS) are an active and dedicated group of volunteers. Everyone contributes differently, some offer financial support, other spend many hours volunteering, and for many, it is a little bit of both. Volunteers really are our greatest asset and the backbone of our organization. Volunteers help with e.g., events, fundraising, administrative tasks, park operations and education, and help spread the word about our wonderful organization. Please consider giving of your time and talents - you may get back much more than you give! Special talent or skill to offer?  Please tell us!  The goal of this member survey is to solicit your assistance and feedback relating to volunteering at Wakulla Springs State Park. We very much look forward to meeting and working with you to continue to grow FOWS into one of Florida's most remarkable places and unique treasures!     

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Question Title

* 1. Please indicate which role you prefer to contribute to the Friends of Wakulla Springs (FOWS) State Park. Select all that apply.

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* 2. Please indicate your interest level to be actively involved in the following areas: (please see below for description of volunteer opportunities).

  Not Interested Interested Very Interested
Volunteer Opportunities
Leadership (e.g Board/other)
Finance Committee
Membership Committee
Capital Campaign/Fundraising Committee
Events Committee
Grants Committee
Operations Committee
Communications & Marketing
Online Store (under development)
Water Sampling Program
Writing (newsletters/articles)
Quarterly Road Cleanups
LIFE Facilitator
River Boat Guide (weekly)
Recycling Assistant
Landscaping Assistant
Description of FOWS Volunteer Opportunities: 

(President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer), Committee chair, among others

Finance Committee:  work to develop annual budget that’s approved each year at the FOWS annual meeting

Membership Committee: assist Membership Coordinator, help with database, and social media

Capital Campaign/Fundraising Committee: work to raise funds to restore and preserve the fleet of vessels and revitalize the historic waterfront, among other endeavors

Events Committee: assist with planning, setup, staffing and takedown of special events in and out of park

Grants Committee: assist with writing grants to benefit the FOWS and Wakulla Springs State Park

Operations Committee: primary focus on assisting with repowering the boat fleet, among other projects

Communications & Marketing: design email templates, digital flyers, marketing/event promotion

Online Store: assist with launch and development of a FOWS online store

Water Sampling Program: assist with water sampling efforts and a number of area water bodies on a monthly basis. Project will also monitor per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

Writing: assist with writing Friends article for quarterly Park newsletter, The Springboard, and other publication/articles

Quarterly Road Clean Up: help with Friends road cleanups and part of Keep Wakulla County Beautiful Adopt-a-Road

LIFE Facilitator: assist with student scientist field investigations in park

River Boat Guide: serve one day a week as a Wakulla Spring/River interpreter

Recycling Assistant: assist with collecting materials/public eduction

Landscaping Assistant: assist with caring for gardens, azaleas, Lodge landscape

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* 3. The Friends of Wakulla Springs membership have great skill sets and many talents. Please rate your skill/experience in the following areas:

  None Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Capital Campaign launch & management
Organizational skills
Skills in event planning
Database design/management
Desktop publishing
Web based design/management
Science (e.g., water quality, horticulture, etc.)
Online store development/management
Culinary Arts/Cooking
Boat and other maintenance
Grant writing
Educational Outreach

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* 4. Please describe any other skills you'd be willing to contribute:

Question Title

* 5. Have you volunteered with the Friends of Wakulla Springs or the Wakulla Springs State Park before? If so, what types of volunteering efforts were you involved with?

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* 6. Please let us know your thoughts relating to the recent Florida Talks Program (Speakers: Lu Vickers, Julie Hauserman, and Peggy Macdonald) in partnership with the Florida Humanities Council. Would you like us to continue the program next Spring 2022?

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* 7. Do you have any suggestions for the Friends of Wakulla Springs that would improve our service to you and the park we serve?

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* 8. Please enter your contact information (and the best way to reach you).

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