Dunhill Multi-Education Centre, Dunhill Ecopark, Co. Waterford

Dunhill Multi-Education Centre is a community owned education, training & conference centre in east County Waterford, providing a community resource for the surrounding area which includes meeting space, community garden, library & events, training facilities, and management of a number of public and heritage areas locally.

In order to continue the current funding, the centre must be able to generate income from its services and is researching what services it should provide to the local community and region in the next three years. 
Your opinion is a critical part of that decision and we welcome any input you may have.

Please use the "Other - please specify" boxes throughout to make suggestions or give feedback on our current or future offering. 

All those completing the survey will be entered into a competition to win a fantastic hamper of artisan food products from businesses in Dunhill Ecopark.  Please remember you must be available to collect the hamper at our offices in Dunhill.  Closing date for entry is Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at 4pm.  Winner announced on Thursday 24th of March, 2016.
Thank you

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