Here's to a wonderful new year!

Hi Guys,

First of all, I'm so grateful that you're here to help us out. I say us, because, we have become a community for which I'm immensely grateful. This survey will help me make the site a more optimal experience.

Of course, I'll only be able to please some, however, I'll do my best to make this site the best I can.

I have been considering creating a section of the site for members only. This survey will help me decide on some of the details, and whether that is something I should pursue.

There are a few other questions so that I can plan the content for the coming year, better.

In addition, I will provide an area for you to write in any additional comments, questions, or suggestions you have. Here's to a happy, healthy, productive, peaceful, and positive year!



Question Title

* 1. If Laurel Home were to have a private membership site, for a small fee, but with extra perks, how interested would you be?

Question Title

* 2. Of the Following, please rate the following perks on a Laurel Home membership site.

  no interest somewhat interested don't care very interested Are you kidding? YES! Please sign me up!
Are you interested in a membership site that is 100% ad-free?
How interested would you be in a membership site with a supportive (moderated) private forum?
Are you interested in a monthly question-and-answer live presentation?
Another idea is to do a weekly live discussion in place of the mid-week post. It would be available as a recording if you can't be there for it in real-time.
Are you interested in any other type of presentation or information not available to non-members? (If so, please answer in the box provided)

Question Title

* 3. Are there any perks you'd need or like to have in order to join a membership site? Please reply in the comment box.

Question Title

* 4. How much would you expect to pay for a monthly subscription to an add-free Laurel Home membership site?

Question Title

* 5. How do you feel about these topics on the Laurel Home Blog?

  Not interested in these posts Mildly interested in these posts It Depends on the Specific Topic Very Interested in these posts I Live for these posts!!!
Laurel's Renovation Posts
Paint Colors
Color of the Year
Design Trends
Posts about a reader's dilemma
Kitchen posts
Decorating posts such as accessories, art, pillows, fabrics, etc.
High-Low Posts - a famous designer and how to get the look for less
High-Low Posts featuring pieces of furniture, lighting, art, fabrics, etc.
Design Mistakes
Interior architectural posts - proportions, kinds of mouldings, size, scale, etc.
Living rooms
window treatments

Question Title

* 6. Are you aware of the Laurel Home interior design guides? (PS. You do NOT need a Paypal account. You can use your credit card.)

Question Title

* 7. The Laurel Home Hot Sales

Question Title

* 8. Are there any other comments about the Laurel Home Blog not covered here that you'd like to share with me?