* 1. What sector do you work in?

* 2. What is your job?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. How much do you earn?

* 5. Have you used a food bank in the last year?

* 6. If so, how often do you use a food bank?

* 7. Why do you have to use a food bank?

* 8. What items do you tend to get from food banks?

* 9. What other help do you and your family rely on to make ends meet?

* 10. As a parent, have you gone without a meal to feed your family?

* 11. Are you worried your children are missing out on a healthy diet or going hungry because it is so hard to pay for food?

* 12. Have you had to make difficult choices in the last year such as choosing between heating your homes and feeding your family?

* 13. Are you happy to be contacted for further information or even to be used as a case study (this can be on an anonymous basis)?

If yes, please enter your details in the text box below