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The Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society (ICGS) was formed in 2001 by a group of Iqaluit residents who wanted to improve food security by researching agriculture in the North and providing local produce to community members. In 2007, a greenhouse was constructed and we have been growing ever since!

We grow fresh produce 4-5 months of the year. Our members help with the planting, growing, and harvesting of the veggies and get one share of our weekly harvest. We also share our harvest with community groups that have cooking facilities. We host tours, open houses, and do workshops with the various schools in Iqaluit.

Our small greenhouse has been a wonderful place to learn about growing food in Nunavut, and now we are looking for your input on our future plans and how we should grow in the future. 

Please respond to these questions below based on what you would want to see in a community greenhouse.

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* 1. The ICGS prioritizes food production (growing high yield crops and ensuring we produce a lot) as well as educating the public. These have very different approaches to what and how we grow.

Where should our focus lie between Growing and Education?

Growing Education
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* 2. There is potential for the ICGS to consider developing a market or work towards such to sell produce, be it through retail, commercial clients, farmers markets, or other methods. The alternative would be the status quo: growing food that will be distributed for free (to members and various organizations such as soup kitchens, local shelters, etc.).

Would you like to see the ICGS selling produce in the future?

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* 3. Should the ICGS consider expanding into small scale husbandry of small farm animals for proof of concept and education?

Please note: This would require a significantly higher contribution of people time. We currently only have volunteers, so we would need funding for paid staff. However, it could be an excellent source of compost and a demo for raising animals in Nunavut.

Not at all Interested Interested
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* 4. How often should someone be at the greenhouse for operation/maintenance? (This doesn’t have to be the same person each visit)

The style of growing very much depends on how much people power we have to run the greenhouse. For example: animals would have to be checked at least daily, while other growing systems (like hydroponic) could be very automated, and would require minimal work.

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* 5. If you would like to provide an explanation for any of your answers, please do so here. Refer to the question by number for clarity.