CCP Planning Questionnaire One

We Wai Kai and the Laich-Kwil-Tach Treaty Society are working together to develop a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). A CCP is a plan that considers everything from the lands to social wellbeing and is meant to help leadership make decisions that represent the community’s goals and vision. In this way it’s different than the land code. The land code is a plan for reserve lands while the CCP will include visions and goals for our governance, health, Elders, Youth, and other lands, like We Wai Kai privately owned lands and treaty settlement lands.

* 1. CCP Vision Statement: "We, the We Wai Kai embrace our language and culture to build a proud, healthy, safe and self-sufficient community.  We support and encourage each other to thrive through following the footsteps of our ancestral history, as stewards of our lands and waters, while balancing our role in modern day society."

Do you agree that the above vision statement captures the goals for our future We Wai Kai community

* 2. Through community consultation and the committee work we have identified 5 key areas that should be addressed in the future We Wai Kai community plan. In the next stages of planning these will be considered in detail to develop the plan that will aid decision makers. Community consultation will be ongoing. The 5 key areas and examples of planning topics within each are noted below for your review.

Culture and Language (Harvesting, Teaching/Learning Opportunities, Identity)
Governance (Transparency, Policies and Enforcement, Community Evolvement, Equal Representation)
Social Wellbeing (Mental Health and Addiction, High Community Standards, Housing, Health, Security)
Economic Development (Zoning, Employment, Training/Capacity Building)
Lands and Waters (Preservation and Protection, Climate Change Preparation, Fish and Wildlife, Hunting)
Question 2: Do you agree that these categories address the key areas?

* 3. Do you have any comments you would like to add?

* 4. To help us keep in touch, do you want to include your name and contact information?  If so, please enter it into the box below. It will be kept anonymous. Thank you!