We are pleased to announce the Department of Community and Economic Development will provide scholarships to members working for organizations and agencies that serve the PA CoC Balance of State counties working to prevent and end homelessness. The Balance of State covers 53 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. This includes 33 counties that are part of the Eastern PA CoC and 20 counties in the Western PA CoC. Click here to see counties included.

In addition to these scholarships, The Housing Alliance will be providing scholarships as well. These scholarships are open to all and are funded through our annual conference Scholarship Raffle.

* 1. Please complete the information below:

* 2. What type of organization or agency do you work for?

* 3. What county(ies) does your agency serve?

* 4. Do you belong to the Eastern PA CoC or Western PA CoC?

* 5. Please share why you want to attend the conference and the reason(s) you are unable to do so without financial assistance. How will you, your organization and community benefit? Be brief, no more than 250 words.

* 6. For which day(s) are you requesting a scholarship? (Check all that apply)

We would like to help as many people as possible attend the conference however, our aid is limited.

Note: Only partial, typically half-price scholarships are awarded for organizations and staff with one scholarship per agency. Consumers, volunteers, full time students and people who are unemployed will be considered for full-price scholarships. Preference will be given to small organizations.