Customer In-store Experience 顧客店內體驗

In order to improve our customer satisfaction / in-store experience, Jeeves would like to conduct an anonymous survey and invite you to answer the following questions for service enhancement intention.

All questions refer to your last in-store experience in Jeeves store.

為提升Jeeves顧客滿意度及店內體驗, 我們誠意邀請您參與此匿名調查及回答以下問題, 有待提高本公司服務質素。


* 1. [In-store Services 店舖服務]
At which store did you use our service? 您最近一次在那間分店消費?

* 2. [In-store Services 店舖服務]
How long did you queue before being served? 閣下上次輪候服務時間為:

* 3. [Store Sales Executives 店舖員工]
Friendliness and warmth of our store sales executive(s) 店鋪員工的親切友善度

* 4. [Store Sales Executives 店舖員工]
Grooming of our store sales executive(s) 店舖員工的儀容

* 5. [Store Sales Executives 店舖員工]
Store sales executives' level of professionalism and knowledge 店舖員工的專業知識

* 6. [Store Sales Executives 店舖員工]
Store sales executives' overall performance 店舖員工的整體表現

* 7. [Store Conditions and Facilities 店舖環境及設施] 
Store cleanliness 店舖潔淨度

* 8. [Store Conditions and Facilities 店舖環境及設施] 
Ambiance (e.g. music, lighting) 店舖環境 (例如: 音樂, 燈光)

* 9. [Leather Restoration Services] 皮具翻新及維修服務
Have you ever used the captioned service? 您曾使用上述服務?

* 10. [Leather Restoration Services] 皮具翻新及維修服務
What kind of service(s) did you use?您使用了什麼種類的翻新及維修服務?

* 11. [Leather Restoration Services] 皮具翻新及維修服務
If not, please state the reason(s) 如沒有,請說明理由

* 12. [Overall Satisfaction 整體滿意度]
Taking into consideration your TOTAL EXPERIENCE on the last visit, how would you rate your OVERALL SATISFACTION with Jeeves? 您對上次光顧Jeeves的整體經驗如何?

* 13. [Would You Choose Jeeves Again 會否再次選擇Jeeves]
How likely are you to recommend Jeeves to your family, friends or colleagues? 您會向家人, 朋友或同事推薦Jeeves嗎?

* 14. [Would You Choose Jeeves Again 會否再次選擇Jeeves]
Would you choose Jeeves again? 您會再次享用Jeeves的服務嗎?

* 15. If you are satisfied with the service you have received, or you have a suggestion about how we can improve our services, we would be pleased to receive feedback 如您對我們的服務感到滿意,或認為有需要改進的地方,我們非常樂意收取閣下的寶貴意見

* 16. [Follow-up] 事後跟進
You'd like to leave your contact details for us to follow up 您是否願意留下聯絡資料以便我們日後跟進?

* 17. [About Yourself] 個人資料

* 18. [About Yourself] 個人資料
Gender 性別

* 19. [About Yourself] 個人資料
What is your nationality? 您的國籍?

* 20. [About Yourself] 個人資料
What is your age? 年齡

* 21. [About Yourself] 個人資料
In which industry are you employed? 您的職業

* 22. [About Yourself] 個人資料
Your job title/ position? 您的職銜

* 23. [About Yourself] 個人資料
Are you a member of Jeeves? 您是否Jeeves的會員?