Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is important. The estimated duration of the survey is 10 minutes.

This survey is conducted by the Avicenna Alliance, which is an association of industry and renowned academia/healthcare organizations who have a commercial or research interest in the development of in silico medicine.

This survey aims to collect experience of using and developing in silico clinical application and/or submitting in silico evidence* to regulatory authorities or conformity assessment bodies (for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices). The outcome of the survey will help us provide metrics and evaluate the success of such submissions as well as identify the challenges encountered. You will also receive the final results of the survey analysis.

Please also consider responding to this survey even if you are in the process of developing clinical application or have not (yet) submitted in silico evidence.

* In silico evidence (i.e., digital evidence) = results of computational modeling and simulation submitted as part of a (regulatory) evaluation process provided in a prescribed format, that encompass in silico trials and in silico tests (Ref: Avicenna Alliance Glossary)