Additional Information

You've been linked to this survey because you've indicated that you want more than 100 square feet in the new Artisan's Asylum space. Well, the short answer is, we're running out of space in our current location for renters, but we're looking to rent an additional building!

We're currently working on a proposal to take to our landlord that would call for renting an additional 13,000 square foot building that adjoins our current 25,000 square foot space via a rolling garage door. Our landlord has said he's willing to give us the additional space if we can collect enough dedicated interest to fill the unit. This addition would be traffic-isolated and sound-isolated from most of the main shop areas, and would allow for the build-out of walls and enclosures for the larger rental spaces.

Please fill out the following survey with more detailed information about your interest in us, and we'll keep it on-hand for informational purposes as we plan the new space out.

Rent for this space will most likely be $15/sqft/year, for your own calculations. Utilities will be included initially, though we reserve the right to start to charge for utilities if the use is high enough. Each person using Artisan's Asylum equipment will also need at least one membership, and perhaps more if more than one person is going to use the shared equipment (memberships are detailed here:

* 1. Name:

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* 3. Phone Number:

* 4. Desired Size in square feet ($15/sqft/yr rent):

* 5. Enclosure Preference:

* 6. Required Utilities (May require buildout fee):

* 7. Desired Move-In Date:

2nd Choice:

* 8. What abilities or equipment do you absolutely require to be fully functional in order to move in? (Assume existing manufacturing capabilities will be fully functional)

* 9. How serious are you about renting space with us? Assume your needs (listed previously) would be met.