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* 1. Have you ever attended a speech given on campus?

* 2. How did you hear about the speaker?

* 3. Have you ever found out about a speaker you would have liked to have seen when it's too late?

* 4. Did you know that all speakers invited to campus are listed on the University Calendar?

* 5. Did you know you can be alerted when tickets are available for speakers through the University calendar

* 6. Have you ever utilized the GW University Calendar or alert system?

* 7. Do you feel as though certain students have the advantage to hear prominent speakers when their school sends a reminder email about the event?

* 8. Do you think that an optional list-serv that would allow students to get notifications about speakers hosted by other schools than their own would be beneficial?

* 9. Would you utilize this list-serv?

* 10. Do you think GW schools need to change its announcement service so students are aware of upcoming speakers, instead of having to discover eents themselves?