To answer the following question, please take a moment and have a look in your fridge and freezer and see if things are stale, bad, expired or if they are all still fresh. If you cleaned out your fridge and freezer, try to remember what and how much you threw out.

* 1. Was anything in your fridge/freezer stale (but not yet expired/bad)?

* 2. Was there anything in your fridge/freezer that had already expired or had gone bad?

* 3. Did you recently clean out your fridge/freezer and have things to throw away because they were stale, expired or had gone bad?

* 4. If you answered Yes to the previous question; Do you usually (at least once every few 3-5 weeks) have things to throw out when you make room or clean out your fridge/freezer?

* 5. Did you know that an average family of 4 in america throws out approx 25% of the food and beverage they buy? This equates to approx $2300 / year.

* 6. If you answered Yes to our questions regarding food going bad that you end up throwing out; and there was something you could use (an app) that helped you possibly save $2300/year by planning and keeping track of things, would you be interested in the app?

* 7. (optional) If you answered yes to the previous question, please open this URL in a new window and watch the video.

Was the video clear? Can you relate to the Video?